Safety & Security Solutions

In today’s world organizations are taking proactive steps in security measures for workers the primary focus being theft of property and life safety.  Video surveillance technologies have evolved since its first introduction in 1950. Surveillance systems today utilize IP networks which deliver higher quality digital video and can reduce cost.

Because of advanced microprocessors and other computer technologies, these systems are increasingly being used as a valuable tool to monitor and manage business. Examples are license plate recognition, transportation functions such as remote tolling of roads, and in retailing. These systems will continue to advance and become a significant part of system designs or installations.

One Source Technologies provides for complete review of security systems. This includes review of newer trends in technology and software for IP security surveillance and will examine all aspects of current systems with migration toward newer components such as cameras, video servers, physical topology as well as proper cabling infrastructure.

IP based security surveillance systems not only provide for newer technology advancements, but can also reduce overall cost. The gradual merging of facilities and IT departments as with voice and data promotes a unified approach to security and data infrastructures. This combined approach produces financial benefits for business units today.

One Source Technology can team with business units  to provide planning, installation and management of common infrastructures which ensures functionality that  meets with the required objectives.