Cabling Solutions

Imagine your business running without water, electricity, heating or phone service. It just wouldn’t work without these basic utilities. Now imagine running your business without an enterprise cabling network. If you’re like most people, it’s hard to imagine working without a network than it is working without utilities. That’s right, not only has your network joined the ranks of these utilities as a “must-have”, it has surpassed them in importance.

Today, business innovation, growth, and productivity depend on highly reliable, high speed networks. If your network isn’t running at its best, your business could be suffering. To insure performance, install a Utility-Grade network. Utility-Grade networks incorporate the following characteristics:

• Sufficient headroom to ensure reliable performance with peak traffic and increased bandwidth requirements.
• Cable and connectivity that delivers optimum performance under the most demanding conditions.
• Cable and connectivity that performs as a system rather than an assortment of mix-and-match components.

And all cable and connectivity are not created equally. Standards define only minimally acceptable performance. As Moore’s Law has proven throughout the networking era, installing a barely compliant cabling system doesn’t prepare customers for ever increasing data speeds and new bandwidth-hungry applications. Installing the best possible cabling and connectivity today allows your business to support three to five generations of networking gear.

The premier cabling systems that are available today are the highest performing systems in the history of our industry. Implementing these systems now is cheap insurance that your network will handle current and future high-bandwidth applications.

One Source Technologies, Inc. has the technical expertise and capabilities to help you design, install and implement a true Utility-Grade network. Our staff of RCDD’s and project managers is always available for consultation. One Source Technologies has always worked with the best manufactures in our industry. All this means that when you do business with One Source Technologies, we’ll help you sort out the facts from the hype so you can implement a Utility-Grade network that will support your business now and well into the future.